Would You Like To Assist Financially?

The Eye Bank Foundation of South Africa is a registered non-profit organisation, dependent on financial support and donations from Corporate and private individuals for its continued existence and growth.

It would be difficult for the Eye Bank Foundation to continue to fulfill it's aims of helping to restore sight to the blind or partially blind without this support. Although the Eye Bank Foundation of SA does charge a small Service Fee, in order to recover costs, no tissue is ever withheld due to the inability of the recipient to meet this cost.
Currently the greatest challenge facing the Foundation is the education and  need for public awareness surrounding cornea donation and the shortage of donor corneas. It takes resources, It takes funding, It takes your help. 
Consider donating financially and thereby assisting in the work of sight restoration.
Donations can be made payable to:
The Eye Bank Foundation of South Africa
and posted to:    231 Lower Main Rd, Observatory, 7925.
(alternatively, contact us for banking details.
All donations will be receipted, acknowledged and gratefully appreciated.