Become a Donor


How Can You Help?

By donating your eyes to be used after your death, you will be instrumental in restoring the sight of someone who is blind or partially sighted due to corneal damage or disease.

Donors are of the utmost importance to the Eye Bank, without donors, there can be no recipients. To become a donor, all you need do is fill in and sign an Eye Donor Form (obtainable from the Eye Bank) and mail or fax it to us. We will then issue you with a Donor card which you should carry at all times. You need not mention your eye donation in your will, but most important, to ensure that you wishes are carried out, tell your family, friends, doctor or minister of religion. If you change you mind, all you need do is tear up your donor card and inform your family.
Thousands of people are blind because there are not enough corneas available. The gift of your eyes after death can make the difference between blindness and sight for someone.